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I was wondering if the ear tips came with adhesive?
Ears come with a sample of “skin tite” silicone adhesive by “smooth-on”. Enough for 1-2 applications. It can be found on line on Amazon, and other sites.
What is the best way to clean Skin Tite silicone adhesive from these ears after use?
I recomend washing the ears with water and a gentle dish detergent (i would avoid antibacterial varieties). Excess skintight can be peeled away from the ear tip if it is cured. If the skin tite for whatever reason doesn’t cure properly rubbing alcohol may help.
How does the color match process work?
For the color match ears, we ask for a picture of your ears in good lighting without flash. and if you wear foundation makeup, list the brand and color number of makeup that matches your skin.
I got 2 bottles one labled a & one b with with my ear order, what are they for?
It is a sample of a two part silicone adhesive called skin-tite. For instructions on aplication to ears please see the next question.
I can’t find the instructions on how to apply the silicone adhesive/ How do I apply adhesive?

The adhesive is called skin-tite and it is a silicone based product.

FYI the adhesive only needs to be applied along the edges not the entire surface.

Here’s How To Do It:

Clean the skin to remove any oils which may affect the curing of the Skin Tite® adhesive.

Mix the Skin Tite® thoroughly (1A:1B). After mixing, brush a small amount of Skin Tite® onto the appliance or surface of the skin.

Hold the appliance to the skin until the Skin Tite® is cured. This should occur in approximately 5 minutes or less, dependant on body temperature. A higher temperature will cause the Skin Tite® to cure faster.

Once the Skin Tite® is cured, it will remain tacky. Use a small amount of Skin Tite® to carefully blend the edges of the appliance if needed.

After Skin Tite® is fully cured, theatrical makeup can be used to further blend and color the piece.

To remove the appliance from the skin, slowly peel the piece away from the skin. Using baby oil or make-up remover can assist in removal.

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